Stockwell Group Practice
Appointments Line: 0207 2743223
General Enquiries Line: 0207 2743225

Patient rights and responsibilities

We aim to treat our patients courteously at all times and expect our patients to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way. It is your responsibility to keep your appointments, inform us of your past illnesses, medication, hospital admissions and any other relevant details.

Our vision is to:

  • Treat individuals with the best care possible.
  • Respect patient confidentiality.
  • Provide an optimal working environment for our staff so that they can provide the best patient service possible.
  • To collaborate with local practices, as part of North Lambeth Practices Ltd, to provide the best possible care for our patients.
  • Provide easy access to all our practices including those who have a disability and offer clean surgery premises with available parking.

Practice Charter

We aim to:

  • Provide a high standard of care for you and your family. No care or treatment will be given without your informed consent
  • Treat you with courtesy and respect at all times, irrespective of your ethnic origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or the nature of your health problem
  • Work in partnership with you the patient
  • Provide access to the building for the elderly and disabled
  • Ensure that you are seen by a doctor for URGENT conditions, as soon as possible
  • Keep all information about you and your consultation confidential
  • Ensure that all our staff are easily identifiable
  • Advise our patients of the system for handling complaints and suggestions
  • Try to avoid excessive waiting for your appointment and inform you of any delays
  • Ensure that in an emergency, when the practice is closed, you will be advised how to contact the duty doctor by telephoning 020 7274 3225

What we expect from you please…….

  • Treat the practice staff with the courtesy as you would expect to receive
  • Be patient if the surgery runs late, There is always a good reason
  • Cancel your appointment if you cannot keep it
  • Give the reception staff as much information as you can
  • Only request home visits for the genuinely housebound or seriously ill
  • When ordering repeat medication allow ample time for your order to be processed (minimum of 24 hours)
  • Inform us of any change of name, address, telephone number etc immediately
  • Please do not eat, drink or smoke on the practice premises


We try to provide the best care we can for all our patients. Occasionally patients react to stressful situations with anger and we try to be as understanding as possible. However, if patients become physically or verbally abusive we reserve the right to remove them from our list.


Date published: 10th October, 2014
Date last updated: 12th September, 2019