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Monthly Review Spotlight

We would like to showcase some of the reviews our practice has received this month.

6/25/2024 20:14:57Very goodMariama the nurse was so kind and sensitive, she really supported me as I find smear tests very difficult. She is excellent and made my appointment really calming . I was so grateful for her service I cried when I left because she really helped me and I haven’t experienced such level of care from a doctor before .


6/26/2024 8:20:49Very goodThis is my first experience with Dr Greenwald and she was amazing she reminded me of Dr May who was simply the best.


6/26/2024 10:56:36Very goodDoctors are working under difficult conditions (no blood tests possible!) but they worked out a solution. I was able to get a telephone appointment and then an in person appointment (my problem was not urgent).